Beat The Parents

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It´s kids vs grown-ups in this fun-filled trivia challenge! Prove who´s the boss in the game where adults answer questions about kid´s stuff and the kids answer questions their parents should really know.

Beat The Parents – By Spin Master

  • Ages – 6+
  • Players – 2+
  • Play Time – Medium, 30-60 minutes

Game Mechanics

  • Trivia
  • Strategy
  • Piece Movement
  • Team Play
  • Memory

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Imagination Beat the Parents Board Game, find out who’s really the boss in the family – the kids or the parents – as parents are asked questions most kids can answer, and the kids are asked questions most parents can answer. Do the grown-ups know what school Harry Potter attends? Can the kids guess how many C’s are in the word cappuccino? And watch out for the Wild Card spaces: Land on one and you could be sent back or forward on the board. The first player or team to cross the board with all of their tokens wins the game. 6 and above.

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