What To Get Day For Father's Day

What To Get Day For Father's Day

It’s the same question every year – what to get dad for Fathers Day – and it seems to get harder each year…. This year Fathers day is on 3rd September and it will be here before you can blink. But how do you come up with Fathers day gift ideas? Well here’s a few places to start

Listen to him talk about things he wants to do ‘someday’. It might be a new adventure, movie or hobby he wants to try or even a new restaurant he wants to visit.

Think about the music he loves and buy the latest CD or better yet put together a playlist of all his favourite music – even if you have to add a rule that he only plays it when you’re not around

Organise his favourite feed – weather that be a ‘big breakfast’ with all the trimmings, the traditional  ‘Aussie BBQ’ or a quiet dinner at the ‘local’ – give him what he likes best.

Invite family around to spend quality time with him. All dads love to preside over the family get together so make the day all about him and the people he likes to spend time with.