Professional Photography Lens

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Professional Photography Lenses for your phone.

Just clip it on. Works on any phone, even iPad’s or Tablets. This set of 3 lenses is the perfect gift for anyone who loves taking photos, throw away your bulky selfie stick and go compact with these lenses. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

The best part is – it’s built into a Universal Clip. Most Phone Lenses on the market are built to work on one phone model without the case. Our product works on Any Phoneeven iPads or tablets, even over your case, even if you upgrade

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First Lens turns your phone into a 180° Fish Eye: Most popular when you go travelling. Just clip it to the Front Camera, super super wide like a sports camera on your phone. Get everyone or everything in the shot every time.

Next lens is the Macro Lens. This lens is for really close up photos. You can take photos or videos closer than your eye can see. Gives you a whole new way to be creative with your phone photography!

The final lense in this set is a 10% wide angle lense allowing you to capture 10% more in every photo.


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